Francis Abbott Engaged

Tony Abbott Is Being Roasted For For His Tweets About His Daughter’s Sudden Engagement

You might have heard the news that Tony Abbott’s daughter Frances is engaged to a man (weightlifter and Olympic rower Sam Loch) that she has been dating for just two weeks.

We’re not here to comment on the engagement because honestly, you do you Frances. All the best! But everyone has come out to roast anti-love overloard Tony Abbott. The fire comes on the back of Tone’s comments that he Tweeted in support of the engagement:

It is pretty damn funny to see Abbott’s family disregard his claimed morally superior conservative attitude. There’s a sweet satisfaction in hearing Abbott’s sister speak out against his stance against marriage equality and seeing his entire electorate ignore his No campaigning and turn out with a 75% Yes vote for marriage equality. And now this two-week engagement situation is just a cherry on top.

People are absolutely digging into Abbott for his hypocritical ‘support’/attempt to play it cool about Francie’s engagement.

Let the roasting continue.

Sooooo he’s A OK with getting engaged after two weeks?

Oh the irony and hypocrisy of supporting this two week engagement in light of Abbott’s insistence that marriage equality corrupts the sanctity of marriage. People are understandably pissed.

Abbott’s also being roasted for generally using Twitter wrong.

Another day, another reason to dislike Tony Abbott.