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Here’s Where To Follow The ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Cast On Instagram

Over the weekend Netflix dropped its latest reality show, Too Hot To Handle, and it’s about to become your new obsession.

It’s a reality dating series with a difference: the contestants can’t hook up with each other (or themselves), and if they do they can wave goodbye to some of their prize money. Of course, not everyone follows these guidelines as the contestants are all so thirsty for each other that they constantly break the rules. In short: it’s A+ reality TV.

So, just who the hell are all these hotties that are about to take over our entire lives? Here’s where to follow the Too Hot To Handle contestants on Instagram!







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It’s rare I do this but more recently I’ve been looking back and looking forward because the right now isn’t too exciting . Being at home so much with less to do than normal, it’s given me time to reflect on what I love about life . 1) Freedom – to travel, to talk, to think, to create, to do. It is a great privilege to do all of them and something that brings me great joy. 2) Flexibility – monotony kills my happiness. I want the variety and the new. New experiences shape our beliefs and allow us to grow as people. Being stuck in the same environment provides no new stimulus to evolve. 3) Family – Riding solo is fun but lacks depth. The more I invest in people, show them my vulnerabilities, flaws and talk openly with them, the deeper our relationships go. . How many of the people you used to hang out with are actually checking in with you at the moment? . By taking this time of a slightly less fast paced life, I’m learning a lot about myself, that I can hopefully take into the future. . What have you learned about yourself recently? . #actionsreflectpriorities

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The Accountant #toohottohandle

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Price just went up 🙇🏽‍♂️

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