Tracey & Dean From ‘MAFS’ Both Posted Videos Saying They’ll Never Get Back Together

It appears we’ve all entered a disturbing reality TV dimension, where we will relive the petty BS from Married at First Sight over and over until the end of time.

Yep, Tracey and Dean are back on their bullshit. Fresh from suss AF text messages being leaked to the Daily Mail showing Tracey texting Dean while dating Sean, both parties have posted videos essentially breaking up with each other for good.

Dean is never taking Tracey back and he wants us all to know this information… for some reason.

The guy opted to film his message in a forest, cos you know that’s what men DO. Men sit in forests all the time, thinking manly thoughts among the shrubbery.

Dean reckons he has closed the book on him and his MAFS wifey Tracey.

“As far as her and I getting back together again, you know, I’m sure Tracey is going to find the man of her dreams at some point but that’s not going to be me,” he said.

“I’ve moved on… her and I aren’t right for each other as a couple.”

Sure enough, a few days later Tracey responded. For her moment, she filmed on what appears to be a balcony with some ~ incredibly ~ finely executed/flattering lighting. Just keepin’ it casual.

Tracey was ALSO keen to clarify that she and Dean are 100 percent donezo.

“Dean and I were never going to get back together. [Not] now or in the future. That ship certainly sailed last year in December.”

It looks like (hopefully) it’s finally over. What a wild ride.

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