Movies Released In December

TRAILER WRAP UP: What New Movies You Need To See & Avoid This December

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Not because it’s the silly season, but because film distributors release the biggest slate they have to offer. It also tends to be the one part of the year when you have enough free time to see all of them.

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Each month we’ll be trailer-binging and taking a look and which movies are worth your time, and which ones you need to steer clear of. Without further a due, let’s get stuck in to December:

1. JOY – Dec 26, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence is back, for like what, the fifth time this year? So’s Bradley Cooper. Wow, Jennifer and Bradley!? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in a film together *rolls eyes*. We follow the story of a woman who is trying to figure out what she wants out of life. Yay for strong female characters!

Why should you see it?

There’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster in this film, I can smell it from here. Joy is going to be a very relatable character for people at any age, because seriously, who has it all figured out?

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Why shouldn’t you see it?

If you’re sick of Bradley Cooper looking at Jennifer Lawrence like she’s holding a bag of dog treats, maybe this film isn’t for you.

2. The Night Before – Dec 3, 2015

Get ready because you’re about to watch a film that falls somewhere between Pineapple Express, 21 Jump Street, World’s End and This Is The End. Seth Rogan and his mates, which includes the wickedly versatile Joseph Gordon-Levitt, are getting together for what could be the last time. *Cue the kid inside acting out because they don’t want to grow up*. It’s going to tug on your heartstring and make you think of that friend you always hung out with every Friday after school but then one day, you just stopped.

Why should you see it?

It’s the silly season, it’s time to get silly! Ever had a tradition between yourself and others you were close with and realised things might not be the same next time? Yes, you have, we all have. Films are always better when you can relate to what is happening in front of you.

Why shouldn’t you see it?

You don’t condone partying. You have no friends. Who’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

3. Suffragette – Dec 26, 2015

Ooooh, topical! We follow the story of a young suffragette fighting for the right to vote because for her entire life men have been telling her what to do. Feminism! Votes for women! This one has a lot of historical references and what with White Ribbon Day, Domestic Violence Awareness Month and International Women’s Day and the changes happening in society, it’s a good look at how far we’ve come.

Why should you see it?

Meryl Streep. Helena Bonham-Carter. Carey Mulligan. Great actors playing the women that legitimately changed the world. Have a look at how bad things used to be for women. Have a look at how bad things were in general.

Why shouldn’t you see it?

You have no interest in politics, gender studies or sociology. You don’t care about history.

4. The Good Dinosaur – Dec 26, 2015

Should you see it?

HELL YEAH YOU SHOULD. Oh my god. How could you not? Take you kids, take your parents, take your grandparents, take your siblings and for the love of the Jurassic period, take some tissues.

Why shouldn’t you see it?

You don’t have a heart.

5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Dec 17, 2015

Need I say anymore to feed the hype that follows this beast everywhere? An unspeakable number of trailers, the return of Han Solo and Chewbacca, the most diverse cast I could possibly think of – here, take my money.

Why should you see it?

Yes. Haven’t seen the original trilogy? What are you lazy? Go rent them out and watch them. You can save time and not watch the Hayden Christiansen flicks, because they’re too far in the past of this film’s timeline.

Why shouldn’t you see it?

Classic fan anxiety: what if it isn’t all the hype it’s lead up to be? What if it ruins the original trilogy for me? What if my favourite character dies?

6. Daddy’s Home – Dec 26, 2015

Should you see it?

Sure, why not? Mark Wahlberg has shown he has pretty decent comic timing over the years, no matter what type of film he’s in.

Why shouldn’t you see it?

I’m getting a little sick of Will Ferrell, aren’t you?

7. Alvin & The Chipmunks: Road Chip – Dec 26, 2015

YOUR FAVOURITE TRIO IS BACK. Dig. The Chipmunks fear that their buddy is going to ditch them as soon as he proposes to his girlfriend… hey, that sounds really familiar… Expect animal based puns and kiddy humour that will get you sniggering over your popcorn and coke.

Why should you see it?

You love chipmunks and their squeaky voices. You’ve seen the other Alvin films. Plus someone has to accompany the kids. You don’t want your friend to ditch you after they propose to their partner.

Why shouldn’t you see it?

With all the films coming out on Boxing Day, I’d put this lower on the list. If you really must see it, you’ll have the same experience watching it on DVD.

8. The Heart of the Sea – Dec 3, 2015

Not to be confused with Brangelina’s By The Sea. Hell yeah, guys! This is based on the events that inspired the novel Moby Dick, which all of you laughed about when you first heard the title at age five. Ladies, I present Crispy Chris Hemsworth in a white shirt getting splashed by the ocean. Gentlemen, I present old school nautical action.

Why should you see it?

You’ll have a whale of a time (I’m sorry I had to). It’s going to look freaking EPIC on the big screen. Plus Ron Howard is directing and I can’t remember the last time one of his films disappointed me.

Why shouldn’t you see it?

Old school nautical, pirate-esque, pride and prejudice vibes, period films aren’t your thang. That’s okay. You’ve got plenty of other flicks to choose from.


Alright – that’s just December, people!

Just like every year, there’ll be some ripper films coming out early January too.

Keep an eye out for what’s popping up on New Year’s Day and head on back here for our January Trailer Wrap Up.