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Troy From MAFS Just Appeared On ‘Today’ To Explain His Insane Behaviour

Married at First Sight’s quirky character Troy is quickly becoming the most fascinating person on the reality show. Is he a paid actor? Is he from a different planet? Is he subhuman? These are all legit questions that people are asking.

This morning the big man himself fronted up to the Today show and answered a few q’s about his frankly weird AF behaviour.

Most importantly, he explained wtf prompted him to leave Ashley waiting alone on their honeymoon while he did push-ups.

Here’s what he had to say:

“So when you’re with a stunningly beautiful girl, Ashley’s a remarkable girl, [so] I wanted to look the part. She’s in great shape.

“A few little push-ups go a long way, you know you get the swell effect. We’re on our honeymoon, beach side, you know shirts off and stuff,” he said.

“Less than two minutes actually delivers big results.”

Errr…sure. He didn’t quite explain why he had to do that before breakfast. The hosts also quizzed Troy about his hectic tooth brushing technique (that’s still giving me night terrors), he said,

“I’m pretty happy with how I brush my teeth,” he replied.

“I only brush once a day, so you know, I’ve got to do a very thorough job.”

For the most part, he didn’t get too much of a grilling, with no mention of why he keeps patting Ashley on the head like a labradoodle.

Watch the full clip below: