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SHOOK: Troy Just Revealed That NONE Of The MAFS Couples Are Still Together

True love is a lie. Soul mates are a fallacy. There is no god. Troy just confirmed on the radio this morning that NONE of the Married at First Sight couples are still together.

We are absolutely shook. This means that the series’ biggest love story Sarah and Telv have split up and my insides are crying.

Troy appeared on Nova’s ‘Chrissie, Sam and Browny‘ show this morning and spilled the deets on all the post-MAFS goss. It was about halfway through the interview that he dropped this bomb:

“I don’t think I’d be surprising anyone in saying that none of them are still together.”


Farewell Sarah and Telv. Buh-bye Melissa and John. See ya later Charlene and Patrick. This is grim AF.

We imagine Troy is probz in a lot of trouble for spilling all these deets. Classic Troy.

When addressing if any of the couples formed after the experiment had lasted the distance, Troy confirmed:

“It’s only me and Carly, plus Sean and Tracey.”

That’s good…I guess. Not so good for the supposed ‘experts’ who had nothing to do with matching ’em up.

Troy Married At First Sight Tongue

Troy sticks his tongue into Carly’s mouth on Married At First Sight

He went on to say that the couples in long-distance relationships struggled the most, saying:

“I think like some of the interstate matches might have made things a little bit challenging for some people,”

“When you get to the real world, I guess it’s kind of hard to emulate what you had in the experiment because you’re in such a bubble there.”

When specifically addressing the breakdown of everyone’s dream team Sarah and Telv, Troy continued,

“They seem so good for each other, they matched better than anyone else expected,”

“It’s a little disappointing but they’ve obviously got their reasons.”


This is unacceptable and we’re not dealing tbh.

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