12 Australian Heroes We Should Never, Ever Forget About

As Johnny Depp and Amber Heard once said, Australia is a “wonderful island, with a treasure trove of unique plants, animals, and people.”

Here at Punkee, we think it’s important to celebrate the true heroes Australia has given us over time, the icons that don’t get enough attention, the people who deserve to be praised, to have the nation gently kiss their feet.

OK, maybe not that.

Anyway enough of my bullshit.

Here are 12 Aussie icons we should never, ever forget about.

1. Lee Harding:

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The man, the legend. Not only did he blow us away on Australian Idol, he produced one of the best songs in Aussie history – ‘Wasabi.’

2. The Barking Man:

He was trying to talk about some savage dogs that had gotten loose in his neighbourhood, but all he did was cement the sentence "the dogs came BOUNDING OVER" in Australian TV history.

Who could forget this icon who impersonated an aggressive barking dog on national television? The dude deserves his own public holiday.

3. Corey Worthington:

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Australia’s best party boi, and owner of the most iconic sunglasses to ever exist.

4. Merlin from Big Brother 

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We will never, ever forget this super awkward, but politically charged moment in Big Brother.  Not all heroes wear capes.

5. The “Chk Chk Boom” girl:

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She utilised her 15 seconds of fame, and I respect that.

 6. Alf Stewart:

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Stone the flamin’ crows, as if we’d forget this ledge on our list.

7. This bird who seized the moment:

Related image

If you’re gonna be on camera, you may as well make the most of it.

8. That dude who called Tony Abbott a dickhead in a hardware store:

aussie heroes

We should all take note from him and never be ashamed to share how we really feel.

9. The Dugong that had to sit through a date on The Bachelorette:

aussie heroes

Justice for that Dugong. The poor thing never got the sympathy or recognition he deserved.

10. This drunk lady at the races who interrupted a broadcast to announce someone lost their wallet:

Very important! That’s nearly a whole coffee!

11. The man who just wanted a succulent Chinese meal:

Image result for a succulent chinese meal

At least let a dude finish his succulent meal.

12. And this guy and his contagious laugh that will put a smile on your dial: