‘True Australian Patriots’ Announce Comedy Festival Show To “Protest Against Lefties and Halal”

Last October, we reported a terrifying, radical patriot group named The True Australian Patriots.

Well… It’s actually just a comedy group that satirise the ignorance of true blue Aussie racist groups such as the United Patriots Front. The trio consists of Anne Edmonds, Damien Power and Greg Larsen playing the roles of Les, Garry and Steve.

Sadly, the road to achieving a world free of whatever they define as halal and ‘leftie scum‘ was rocky. An ambiguous love triangle and fight over Les and her subsequent resignation looked to be the end. Things were made worse when she missed the bus to a rally and blamed it on Steve.


Alas, their fight continues and they have announced their reformation for a Melbourne International Comedy Festival show.

In the event description the group announced:

We have put our differences and AVOs aside and reformed so we could do a fucking LIVE SHOW!!

Lefties not welcome. This show will be during the comedy festival as a PROTEST against lefties and halal.

The group went on to emphasise that:


WE decided to make the show as a protest to all the lefty c**** doing bullshit comedy against this great nation. Our show will be about true aussie values and a return to the things that made this contry great.

Here’s to hoping that some morons attend the show seriously thinking that they are supporting this cause – they are in for a shock!

Tickets are now on sale over’ere.


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