what are zooper doopers called

The Internet Is Arguing Over The Correct Name For ‘Zooper Doopers’ & The Madness Must Stop

A debate has taken hold of Twitter with users arguing over the correct name for the icy summer treats all Australians know as Zooper Doopers. The madness must stop.

It all kicked off as user @fetusleen posed a simple question: What are these sugary iced sticks below called and what’s the best flavour?

To any Australian, the answer is bloody obvious. We are talking about national treasure and actual lifesaver from the summer heat: the humble Zooper Dooper.

Aussies rushed to (correctly) identify the icy treat.

However, people from all around the world had a variety of responses. One of the most popular has a rather bizarre name.

Otter Pops?

Then there were other weird AF names from other American and Canadian users…

Freezy Pops?


Mr Freezes?


Excuse us but we all know these bad bois are icy poles/popsicles and are completely different to Zooper Doopers!

We have our answer. They are called Zooper Doopers but this is also accurate…

As for the colour, we may never agree on the superior flavour…but Fairy Floss FTW!