Twitter Is Fighting About How Often You Should Wash Your Jeans And It’s Feisty

So it turns out not everyone is on the same page when it comes to how often we ‘should’ wash our jeans…and the question is dividing Twitter.

Who knew that people had such vastly different ideas on the appropriate wear to wash ratio for jeans? There seems to be a split straight down the middle of humanity that divides the regular denim washers and those with a more lax approach to denim care.

The question has snowballed into a pretty damn divisive Twitter argument and I’m just gonna say, the clean-freak jeans washers are not playing nice in this anthropological discussion. There’s a lot of words like “gross”, “disgusting” and “crazy” being thrown around. It’s like infrequently washing pants is a some kind of a crime. Let’s all be nice about each other’s laundry practices…

Here is a roundup of people’s ideas on how often we “should” wash our jeans that can hopefully help you understand humanity just that little bit better.

So glad Twitter has tackled this big question.

Pray for us all

This just seems a bit extreme tbh

Why not stay dirty, save the earth…

We’ve got contradictory information hitting us from every angle

Too confused to do laundry.

Alright Brianna, chill the fuck out.

More people wash their jeans because of stretch than hygiene I reckon

Not here to be judged thanks doggo

Peer pressure at its worst

Old mate Ben is onto something

At the end of the day, denim wash care is just stressful

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