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Twitter Users Are Describing Their Lives In ‘Simpsons’ Scenes & It’s Too Real

It’s a universal fact that every facet of daily living can be summarised by a Simpsons quote. Life’s getting good? It’s all coming up Milhouse. In need of a confidence boost? But my mum says I’m cool. I was saying boo-urns.

Just like the hundreds of hilarious quotes The Simpsons has gifted us with, are some incredible cooked but relatable scenes featuring our fave four fingered fam.

Twitter user Carl Kinsella asked fellow tweeters to describe their life with a Simpsons screenshot and the people delivered.

His original tweet has received over 600 responses, and the screenshots being served up hit close to home. They are all too real.

Here are some of the funniest responses:

It’s fucking bleak.

Life. Is. Hard.

Barely holding it together.

Life is an actual endless field of rakes.

Homer speaks truth.

An old classic.

This one is all time feelz.

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