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W0T M8? Twitter Is V Confused Over Love Island’s Resident ‘Kangatarian’ Justin

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Last night saw the first ep of Love Island Australia debut, and all anyone is left talking about is that male model Justin is calling himself a ‘kangatarian’. W0t m8?

The first thing I thought when Justin said he identified as a kangatarian is that he must eat like a kangaroo. Then the vision of the model crouching down and nibbling on grass made me lol.

Turns out the reality is not so funny. He actually only eats vegetarian food and kangaroo meat, as kangaroos aren’t bred in cruel industrial farming conditions. Kangatarianism is very much a thing.

Here’s the moment he drop the ‘K’ bomb:

His match Millie’s face pretty much says it all, as she responds an unenthused “Oh, that’s nice.”

Soph! Can I rematch with a normal person?

Same Millie, same.

Twitter doesn’t quite know where the word ‘kangatarian’ came from.

It really is a delightful word, tho.

The male model tried his best, I guess.