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Reactions To The ‘Australian Ninja Warrior’ Finale Were A Roller Coaster Of Emotions

Well, that was disappointing.

This is the sentiment being felt around the nation rn after weeks of trials, courses, rounds and glimpses of teeny tiny shorts, the first Australian Ninja Warrior is… no one. No one won. Oh good.

What a bloody letdown. The internet has many feels.

Tbh, the competitors we’ve grown so fond of were all set up for failure. That course was ridick. From the ‘crazy cliffhanger’, the ‘flying bar’ and on to ‘Mt Midoriyama’ – which has NEVER been successful climbed in the first season of any of the international seasons.

Those time restraints were just not possible for a human being to reach. Twitter users went through a roller coaster of emotions realising the probable result would be that no winner would be named. Boo!

Here’s how Twitter came to terms with the grand finale:

From the get-go things didn’t look good.

When Fred was almost disqualified, every one cried MUTINY.

But so many contenders got in the grand finale.

Surely we were in for a shot to find a winner?!

But alas stage two was IMPOSSIBLE.

Like no way anyone could make that course in 65 seconds. Producers, you trippin’.

Srsly, 65 seconds?!

Even the best player, the ‘ginger ninja’ aka Australia’s answer to Richard Simmons, didn’t have a chance – the course is too damn difficult.

Once the news set in, everyone was left feeling pretty letdown by it all. Wherez the Aussie Ninja at, Channel 9?!

With no one reaching Mt Midoriyama, I guess Fred won? Yep. We’ll go with that. Yay Fred!

Looks like we’ll be waiting for Australian Ninja Warrior season two to find our sweet redemption.

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