mafs couples split

Two MAFS Couples Parted Ways On Tonight’s Ep & Twitter’s Reaction Was Totally Different

Tonight’s ep of Married at First Sight saw the couples complete their final commitment ceremony, as this series gets even more real and draws to an inevitable end. (DON’T LEAVE US. DON’T DO IT.)

The ep wasn’t without casualties, with a total of four people voting to exit the experiment. Tonight we bid goodbye to two couples: Carly and Justin, followed by Gabrielle and Nasser.

The first couple to both vote ‘leave’ was no surprise, really. Justin has barely committed to Carly or this experiment. From the get-go, he was putting his ice cream money above his relationship and was just a huyuuuuuge time-waster.

So tonight, we all did a fist pump in the air when Carly gave back her wedding ring. Yeahzzz gurl!

Meanwhile, we saw the end of Nasser and Gabrielle. The pair were early faves before increasingly butting heads in recent weeks (*cough* Nasser being allegedly haunted by a sentient apartment *cough*), so their break-up was a much sadder separation.

Sure, Nasser has been a bit of a goose lately but there’s still a lot of love between the two and viewers really felt for the guys, who are leaving the experiment as good friends.

But most importantly…

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