Taylor Swift

Ultimate Friendship Goals: Tay-Tay & Serena Shut Down Movie World On The GC

While our girl T-Swift may have been lacking the celebrity-factor on her current tour of Australia, she did randomly invite SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN (a.k.a Blake Lively) to Warner Bros Movie World on the Gold Coast. The pair literally shut down the entire park just for hangs… because she’s Taylor-Fucking-Swift.

Who knows how these two golden locked goddesses met, but Lively has been a long-time fan of Swift’s, previously professing her love for the ‘Blank Space‘ singer and getting a tad fan-girly in an Instagram post.   

Lively was spotted at Swift’s Brisbane concert while in Australia filming ‘The Shallows’ on Lorde Howe Island. Meanwhile, her husband/ professional dreamboat Ryan Reynolds is doing a press tour for ‘Deadpool’.

Swift is set to travel to Melbourne before wrapping up her Oz tour in Adelaide. We’ll be keeping tuned for any more shenanigans or ‘squad goals’ that she may inspire in her travels.

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