The Great Barrier Reef Has Been Dealt Another Bleak Report

A new report form UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) has damned The Great Barrier Reef for failing to meet its preservation and health targets. Depressingly, this is no huge surprise.

The 2014 Reef Report Card showed the Great Barrier Reef’s inshore marine environment had, despite improvements, failed to meet its targets for promoting positive change within the recognised ocean ecosystem.

Great Barrier Reef Health

Artists Impression (Via The Black Fish)

The aim of the report was to assess the run-off and condition of the reef between a five year period (2009 – 2014) with a focus on pesticide, nutrient and sediment loads. Although it found levels of toxins had decreased, there was an increase in farmers in the region ignoring best practices.

In the words of Queensland’s Environment Minister Steven Miles:

“I’d say that if one of my kids came home with a report card like this, I’d be a bit disappointed,”

“There’s more bad news here than good news.”

The report was released at the International RiverSymposium in Brisbane today, highlighting that ‘more’ farmers should voluntarily adopt best management practices to reduce run-off.

Hot tip: Add this article to your ‘ignored signs of the impeding apocalypse’ reading list… It’ll be a hoot to look back on in 50 years time.