upside-down christmas tree

OH JOY: Upside-Down Trees Are Here To Confuse You This Christmas

Just in case you need a new reason to waste your money this Christmas, upside-down chrissy trees are a new trend that – yep, makes absolutely no sense.

They’re like reg Christmas trees but tipped upside-down…  just ‘cos gravity is soo 2016 and trees should naturally grow from your roof and not the ground. When you look up at them looming down from above you get dizzy, nauseous and confused. Merry xmas!

Here’s some weird wonky trees that defy logic:

Nice try guys.

The upside-down trees are so popular that Target US is even selling them. They look hella weird, but each to their own, you know. Oh yeah, it’ll set you back A THOUSAND DOLLARS. Cool!

Wait, if you’re a cat-owner (like me) this is actually genius…

If this is actually something that takes ya fancy, our pro-tip is to go for the artificial trees to avoid continually cleaning up all that Christmas tree mess.

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