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Vanessa Sunshine Actually Wanted To Be Australia’s Next ‘Bachelorette’

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She came, she saw, she didn’t really like anyone or anything and, unfortunately, Vanessa Sunshine’s return to our TV screens was far too short-lived.

Lasting only a couple of days in Fiji for Bachelor In Paradise, Vanessa was sent home roseless after failing to establish a connection with any of the men on the island… not that she really cared.

Bachelor In Paradise Vanessa Sunshine

We chatted to Vanessa about her time on Bachelor In Paradise and whether or not she had any regrets (spoiler: she doesn’t).

On who she wanted to meet there:

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“I wanted to meet Jefferson! He was the person I wrote down. You just have such a small amount of time so when I got there I was like ‘this is it?! This is what I’ve got to pick from?’ There just wasn’t much variety at all, and it’s not like the men weren’t nice guys, there was just no one I had a real potential future with.

I could’ve played the game but that’s just not my style and I couldn’t see the point of that.”

On sniffing the shirts to find a date:

“Bill’s was fresh out of the packet! James’ was a bit dirty. But Nathan’s was the only one that had a smell… he admitted it, he had spritzed it, so it turns out I just like a nice smelling cologne. There was no B.O. or anything!”

And on her date with Nathan:

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“I gave Nathan a massage as well which I’m so glad they didn’t show. You know how Ross in Friends pokes someone with the salad tongs? It was literally like that!

We were pretty much there the whole day filming, even though we didn’t connect romantically we made the best of a not so ideal situation, we were just having fun.”

On Paddy’s intensity:

“Paddy is just Paddy. I don’t know if he’s aware. He gets very fixated on something and he doesn’t hear what the other person has to say. He’s a pretty young guy, maybe he hasn’t learned his lessons yet. Everyone deals with things differently and maybe he doesn’t articulate himself the right way, but he’s just Paddy.”

On wanting to be Australia’s next Bachelorette:

“I asked for Bachelorette but I didn’t make the cut. I’m not sure, I don’t know if I’d do this [Bachelor In Paradise] again. I’d love to do Bachelorette but based off the men I’ve been presented with so far, that was my biggest thing going to Paradise I was like, ‘you guys couldn’t pick me a roommate, how are you going pick me the right man for Paradise?!'”