The Veronicas

The Veronicas Have Just Teased A New Song, THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

Happy V-Day! And that only stands for Happy Veronicas Day because our fave twins have just teased a sample of a new song for your lonely ears.

While there’s a distinct lack of violin happening, it looks like The Veronicas are about to deliver us one epic breakup power ballad.

We’ve got a stormy sky, a raging ocean, and all the emotional lyrics. My little emo heart can’t even take it.

The Veronicas

A quick debunk of the lyrics show it could be about a certain breakup, perhaps? Look, we’re speculating, but you be the judge here:

“I know you said I’d never find myself without you.”

“Told me I’m sick and I’m never getting better without you.”

“But there’s so much that you got wrong about me.”

“Without you, I can hear my voice again.”

Watch the full teaser below:

The full song looks like it’s set to premiere in March.