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Vine Might Be Coming Back So Let’s Take 6 Seconds To Quietly Freak Out

Just when we thought 2017 had beaten the absolute shit out of us all and we were ready to be done with it, there might be some bloody good news to finish the year on. Vine might be coming back. That’s right, VINE.

The beloved short video platform was shut down last year after being bought by Twitter and we haven’t been coping. Where else can we find 6 seconds of total randomonium for quick lols??

Co-founder of the platform Dom Hofmann tweeted alluding to a kind of Vine 2.0 in the works.

Then this…

It’s all vague AF, with a simple ‘v2’ posted so we’ll have to check back with Hofmann for new developments.

People are celebrating the only way they know how: through vines.


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