Vodka Cruiser Is Giving Away A Wedding To Some Lucky BFFs To Commit To Hot Girl Summer Together

Brought to you by Vodka Cruiser

Vodka Cruiser. Say Less.

Delete your dating apps (again) and message your best friend, because Vodka Cruiser is giving you what you’ve always wanted: a chance to marry your BFF.

That’s right, Vodka Cruiser (AKA our national ready-to-drink premix favourite) is celebrating friends who choose to stay single this hot girl summer by throwing one lucky pair of best friends a Vegas-inspired wedding.

Image: courtesy of Vodka Cruiser

If you’d rather stay single-and-ready-to-mingle-if-you-feel-like-it this summer, or if you’re inching closer to the age you and your BFF swore to marry each other by if you were both still single, then listen up, because we’re about to tell you everything you need to know to enter the #MarryMeCruiser competition.

Enter the competition on Instagram by posting a photo or video telling Vodka Cruiser why you should be married this summer. Upload it with the #MarryMeCruiser hashtag to be in the running to win (besties must be 25 years or older to win the major prize)!

You, your soulmate bestie, and a group of your friends will be flown to Melbourne for an over-the-top and all-expenses-paid wedding ceremony, reception, and an epic after-party. And okay, sure, the marriage won’t technically be legal. Still, it will be hosted by the creators of the Two Broke Chicks podcast, Sally McMullen and Alex Hourigan – two other best friends navigating their late twenties and officially committing to a summer of fun.

Image: courtesy of Vodka Cruiser

“We are beyond excited to help Aussies commit to their BFF vows. Also, contrary to the name, hot girl summer is open to everyone, so this means ditching the ‘potential’ love interest, no late-night texts to your failed Tinder date, and definitely no crying over anyone — period,” says Alex.

The winner will also receive a year’s supply of the best Cruiser flavours – and Cruiser will be picking twenty runners-up (18+ years) to receive a case of their favourite Cruiser or a merch pack to enjoy over summer.

Enter the #MarryMeCruiser competition by January 9, 2022, and start writing your vows to the best friend you’ll love for the rest of your life. Terms and conditions apply; see here for details.

Post a photo of you and your BFF to your insta feed with #MarryMeCruiser and tell us why we should marry you for a hot girl summer.

Lead image courtesy of Vodka Cruiser