Virtual Reality Proposal

CUUUTE: This Melbourne Dude Custom Built A Virtual World To Propose To His GF

Virtual Reality games are normally terrifying, but this Melbourne bloke managed to put a pretty shocking twist on VR in the cutest kind of way.

A couple of weeks ago, Melbourne carpenter Alex Lackovic teamed up with Zero Latency (a virtual reality gaming company) from Melbourne to custom build his own world. His unsuspecting girlfriend Kelly and their mates went along for the ride, duking it out in a zombie battle zone before the VR experience took a wild turn.

Taking Kelly’s hand, the duo were transported to Alex’s favourite place in the world, a tree outside her grandmother’s house in South Africa. Kelly’s reaction is so good, gradually realising where they were. That was when Alex dropped the knee with friends and family surrounding them.

Over the course of two weeks, the whole adventure was captured by Zero Latency and thankfully all their effort planned out. Kelly had no idea and went on to say yes.

Well played sir, well played. Check out the video below.

Watch: Adorable Virtual Reality Proposal

Heading via Guerilla Creative