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WATCH: The Cops Get Called In To Breakup This Kangaroo Fighting A German Shepherd

Hot tip, Kangaroos aren’t as cute and cuddly as they look.

Video has surfaced of a family dog arcing up to a roo on a property around the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales. Things got so ugly that the cops were even called in to break up the fisticuffs. If you’re American and reading this, I should explain that this is pretty much a common day experience for us Aussies.

The footage captured by Anthony Hartley was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week, showing the creatures exchange a few blows and then chasing each other around like a pack of drongos. Hartley spoke to a Seven News explaining how he came across the beef:

“I was just driving through on the way back from the snow”

“I saw a kangaroo and a German Shepherd have a bit of a scuffle for about 20 minutes, until the police broke it up.”

As ya do!

The best part about all this is that the showdown ends when a local police officer appears on the scene and grabs a stick to try and separate the scuffle.

Watch Roo V Dog clip below:

Lead image via YouTube / NewsCorp