Dior Film

Watch Dior’s New Film Balade Sauvage

For the very first time, Dior Perfumer-Creator François Demachy reveals the source of his olfactory compositions in a film-travelogue, Balade Sauvage – an olfactory road movie that sets out on the trail of his inspiration.

Images rich with raw poetry tell the story of his latest creation, the aptly named “Sauvage” fragrance. Each of its principal notes is identified and projected onto the Californian landscape. In a series of images the fragrance comes to life.


A screenshot from the Balade Sauvage film

Today more than ever, François Demachy is creating a perfume and a sensorial path of his own, unearthing roots and associations, an olfactory trail that leads to and reveals the complexity of a creative path composed of doubts and vivid flashes.

These images are an expression of Baudelarian poetry, ripe with fragrances, colours and sounds. Each shot questions the world and the elements, recognises founding scents and aromas. Each evasion delves into François Demachy’s soul, following him smoothly into his inspirational dance.

Dior Film

Dior Film