True Crime Series ‘The Case Of JonBenét Ramsey’ Has An Australian Airdate & It’s Soon AF

Good news for true crime addicts(like moi) for once Australia is getting an American series without a ridonkulously lengthy delay. The anticipated six-hour docuseries The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey will get an Australian run on Channel 9.

This new series will revisit the six-year-old girl’s murder, 20 years after her death and looks absolutely cracking! The show will air only hours after the American screening, on Monday 19 September at 8:45pm, continuing across three nights on Channel 9.

FBI investigators who worked the original case, have worked with Scotland Yard behavioral analyst Laura Richards to try to finally solve the mystery of Ramsey’s death and the series is promising some major revelations in the unsolved case.

Watch the trailer below via Buzzfeed: