WATCH: James Corden Nails The Clusterfucked Oscars Mix-Up In ‘La La Land’ Parody

The ‘Best Picture’ mix-up at Monday’s Academy Awards continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. ICYMI (like, really?) in a history-making turn of events, ‘La La Land’ was accidentally awarded the big gong by Warren Beaty and Faye Dunaway, when in fact, ‘Moonlight’ was the rightful winner.

This all went down as the entire ‘La La Land’ ensemble was already on stage. It was a fucktastic disaster for all involved. But for everyone else, it was the best thing to EVER happen. What a delightful mess.

While academy aficionados have found that auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers were to blame, James Corden has created a hilarious parody of the entire PR shit-storm on the ‘Late Late Show’. Taking inspo from Emma Stone’s audition song from ‘La La Land’, he hits the nail on the head in his Oscars wrap-up.

Check out the A+ parody below:

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