WATCH: Lena Dunham & America Ferrera DNC Speech Mocking Donald Trump

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It might seem random to us Aussies, for two actresses to take the stage at political rally Democratic National Convention(DNC) – but for the Unites States, this is pretty much the norm, as part of their campaign circus song and dance.

Actress Elizabeth Banks has already graced the stage at DNC, and today Lena Dunham and America Ferrera banded together to address the stadium to vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The two made some great zingers too! Zoning in on Donald Trump and his policies on women’s rights, race and asylum seekers. As they introduce themselves:

“I’m Lena Dunham, and according to Donald Trump, my body is probably like, a two,” the Girls actress said. 

“And I’m America Ferrera, and according to Donald Trump, I’m probably a rapist,” Ferrera said.

Watch the address below: