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Watch Mark Hamill Crash A Disney ‘Star Wars Ride’ And Blow These Nerds’ Minds

Can you just imagine for a sec that you’re on a Star Wars ride at Disneyland, embracing your inner Star Wars nerd, when Luke freakin’ Skywalker shows up??? Star Wars fans, let’s all agree, that you would surely lose it.

Well Mark Hamill, aka THE Luke Skywalker, legit just crashed a Star Wars ride and people did, of course, freak the fuck out. The Disneyland ride is a pretty sweet experience itself, but this Luke Skywalker appearance is a whole other thing. For a Star Wars fan, this is the ride of a lifetime.

Here’s the surprise caught on camera. Check out the audience excitement it is just too pure.

Fans are going nuts for the stunt after Hamill posted the video on Twitter. People are loving the different reactions from the group, including one extremely excited fan and one seemingly less-than-impressed-probably-not-a-fan reaction that really stands out.

This is some Star Wars: The Last Jedi guerrilla marketing that we can get the hell on board with! The movie trailer is looking litttt and we can’t wait to see the film in December!

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