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WATCH: Meet The Aussie Legend That’s Actually Created VB Flavoured Gelato

“Anything with alcohol in it is good, isn’t it?” – our thoughts exactly.

Meet Frank Bailey, the owner and operator of Zanette’s Gelati in Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast. A man that has created the country’s “first” VB flavoured gelato. You beauty!

The recipe appears to be pretty straight-forward, mixing the beer into the gelato. It might sound a bit strange but for gelato-eaters and beer aficionados 18-years-old or over…it gives the people what they want.

The new flavour has reportedly gone bonkers with customers.

Speaking to 7 News, a man of few words Bailey said: “People just like it, of course…they just line up for it and as you can see there’s nothing left in the tray”. Too right, there isn’t.

Frank, being the hero we never knew we needed, is now testing out creating more alcohol-based flavours. Could we get a Jägerbomb next?!

Check out the bloke’s story below:

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