Daddy's Home 2

WATCH: A Sequel For ‘Daddy’s Home’ Has Actually Been Made & Here’s The Trailer

ICYMI – I certainly did – 2015 comedy Daddy’s Home has got itself a sequel and the first trailer just dropped.

It’s just a big dad-fest. Joining Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell for Daddy’s Home 2 will unexpectedly be Mel Gibson, playing the role of Wahlberg’s father, as John Lithgow rounds out the cast as Ferrell’s dad.

The trailer surrounds the fathers being met at the airport to join the fam for Christmas. Gibson really just appears to be playing his charming self, as he jokes with his  grandchildren, relaying a story that starts with, “Two dead hookers wash up on the shore …”. Classy stuff.

The sequel might seem a bit random and unnecessary, but considering the original took in $242 million in worldwide at the box office, the $equel is a sure bet for studio execs.

Check out the first trailer below:

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