game of thrones

A Guide To Surviving A Wedding When You’re Single, As Told By ‘Game Of Thrones’

Here’s a fun fact: pretty soon, your friends are going to start getting married and if you’re still single, the weddings will be an ordeal.

I love a good wedding, and there’s nothing weird about going to a wedding on your own, but the facts don’t lie: attending a wedding solo is rough.

Maybe the weddings have already hit your group of friends, and you’ve come out the other end of the ceremonies battered, bruised and hungover. Either way, we could all do with a few tips and tricks to help us get through the world’s most romantic ceremonies when we’re single guys and gals trying to have it all.

Thankfully, Game of Thrones has lived through a few dramatic weddings of its own, and if you can learn from these spicy affairs you’ll be sipping free bubbly and dancing all night long.

#1. Take advantage of the bar tab:

It’ll be the cheapest beer, bubbly, red and white wine known to man, but it’s free so make sure you’re hitting up the bar regularly. Don’t be afraid to double park.

If your friends are too cheap to have a bar tab, plan accordingly. Bring a flask, blow your budget on your own drinks or, and I cannot stress this enough, don’t go.

#2. Dress to impress:

My preferred look is “slutty with a hint of sophisticated”. Put on an outfit that makes being alone at a wedding work for you — everyone will know that you could have a date, but you don’t want one.

#3. Bring a snack:

Chances are, whatever dinner or lunch you’re served won’t be enough to keep you going throughout the reception — especially if you’re taking the advice of tip #1. I don’t want to play the mum card but bring a snack, sweetie.

#4. Introduce yourself to new friends:

Talking to strangers sucks so much. But if you can strike up a fun convo with one of the other guests, the rest of your night will pass by a lot more smoothly. Look for the other people following tip #1.

Everyone there is a friend or related to your friend, so you’ll probably have common interests!

#5. But avoid anyone you wouldn’t speak to sober:

You don’t want to start the night on your own and end it dancing with the weird relative.

#6. Dance dance, baby:

By now you should be tipsy, fed and leading a ragtag gang of wedding loners onto the dance floor. Remember: nobody can annoy you if you’re busy dancing.

Weddings can be a hot mess, but with a little bit of preparation your night without a date can turn from a disaster to a pleasantly tipsy party.