Weird Al Yankovic Is Defending His Good Name After Being Slumped With Lesser Al’s

Weird Al Yankovic Tweeted a pic of his trademark certificate today to hit out at anyone usurping the good name ‘Weird Al’ for punny criticism of other, shitty Al’s.

Al Yankovic has worked hard to build his brand as a parody master and won’t stand to see it dragged through the mud. He’s made it very clear that he’s not keen to see his trademarked name ‘Weird Al’ associated with the likes of Al Franken (especially), Al Pacino, Al Gore, Al Roker, just literally no. other. Al’s.

‘Weird Al’ has been trademarked since ’85 but the comment from Yankovic was prompted by some headlines concerning Al Franken’s recent sexual assault and misconduct allegations, which describe Franken as ‘Weird Al’.

Al Yankovic’s stiff reminder that ‘Weird Al’ is his brand and not fair game for your headline puns is pretty damn fair. Everyone’s responses to the trademark Tweet have been great content, especially the people who thought that the name was freshly trademarked.

Weird Al, we hear you man. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to protect that Weird Al empire.

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