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15 Kinda Weird Things Everyone Did In High School

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It’s pretty normal to look back high school years and cringe, but sometimes when you think back on your teen years you remember… we were all just really kinda strange.

Whether it was emo phases, falling out with your “group”, having rumours spread that you liked someone you didn’t, or doing something stupid in front of your crush, high school can easily feel like the be all and end all.

But while we’ve tried to bury most of the trauma high school has brought and never speak of it again (oh, just me?), it’s better to focus on celebrating, or at least remembering, the very weird things we used to do just in our normal Monday to Friday, day-to-day lives.

Ready to take a little trek down Nostalgia Road? We’ve gathered some of the weirder things we all did back in high school, even if they seemed completely normal at the time.

1. When the boys lined up against a wall and pegged tennis balls at each other.

brandy aussie high school

2. And just stood in a circle and had continual hacky sack competitions at recess and lunch.

3. Oh and… well, we can’t not mention sack whacks and boys just constantly dacking each other.

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Are teenage boys actually OK?

4. Girls doing each other’s nails in class with white-out gel.

5. Writing letters in class to give to your BFF at recess or lunch, even if they were in the class with you. 

6. Dressing up as ridiculous colour-themed things for sports carnivals.

7. “Wanna come to the canteen with me?” being code for spilling some tea on someone else in your group.

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8. Carrying around your sports clothes in a bright pink Supré bag and thinking it was peak fashion.

9. Getting your BFF to dump the guy/girl you’ve been dating for 24 hours so you didn’t have to do it.

10. Then updating your MSN/Bebo/MySpace or Facebook status accordingly .

11. Letting a Yes/No rubber decide your fate.

Related image

12. Or deciding if you and your crush were compatible by using this method.


13. Spraying yourself in Lynx (if you were a boy) or Britney Spears perfume (if you were a girl) and calling it a shower.

14. Bringing a digital camera to school and doing photo shoots with your friends.

15. And ‘Eagle Rock’ coming on at any school formal meant the boys would drop their pants and stand in a circle and dance.

Again, are teen boys actually OK?