things only australians do

12 Weird & Weirdly Genius Things Only Australians Do

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It often takes leaving Australia to realise that as a country we have quite a few habits that no one on this earth understands but us.

There are just some things that only Australians do and looking back at our odd customs, bloody oath us Aussies know how to live our best lives. #Straya

Here are some quirks unique to Australia!

#1. Putting chicken salt on hot chips because yum

A trip to the fish and chip shop is incomplete without a generous sprinkling of chicken salt over everything. The rest of the world is majorly missing out.

#2. Only Australians do the Nutbush at school formals and weddings

Where were you the day you realised that outside of Australia no one does or has even heard of the Nutbush dance? It’s especially wild as the song is not even Aussie. I swear I learnt this dumb dance as part of the school curriculum.

#3. Fill our baths with ice when having a house party

This is something I genuinely thought was done across the globe, but journalist Lauren Ingram posted that we’re the only nation that does this. How do they keep a whole carton of beer cold? Savages.

#4. Sing ‘Hey Baby’ at music festivals…for no particular reason

It’s the biggest mystery since The Da Vinci Code, but drunk bros always end up singing 2001 DJ Otzi track ‘Hey Baby’ at any Aussie music festival. Why do we do this? Why this terrible song? We will never know.

#5. At the pub, we all scream the same reply to ‘Am I Ever Gonna To See Your Face Again?’

If you hear this song and don’t immediately scream ‘NO WAY GET FUCKED FUCK OFF’ to the chorus, then you can’t call yourself Australian. I have no clue where it came from. Sometimes there is something so deeply implanted in your brain that you don’t know how or when it got there.

#6. Have BBQs every weekend at Bunnings and to coincide with all elections

Aussies seize on any excuse to have a barbie. A hardware store is open on the weekend? BBQ! We are all forced to compulsory vote for another pollie? BBQ! Democracy sausages won’t eat themselves.

#7. Drink lemon, lime and bitters at the pub

This drink is usually the gateway to booze as a young teen but apparently ordering it outside of Oz will just confuse TF out of bartenders. Y’all are missing out. It’s delish.

#8. Eat lollies like musk sticks and Wizz Fizz as kids

This news had me shook but Aussies are the only people who eat musk flavoured lollies. Didn’t we all pretend to smoke musk sticks as children? Australia is a mysterious place.

Even weirder, Wizz Fizz is a powdered candy unique to Australia.

#9. Play the backyard drinking game Goon of Fortune

Any house party growing up was lame without a round of Goon of Fortune, which ICYMI is a game when you peg bags of goon onto a clothesline, spin it and get ready to drink liquid poison. It’s called culture, sweaty.

Other nations could learn a thing or two from us.

#10. Australians invented the ‘shoey’

The shoey is a sacred act of initiation, so much so that it’s become a weird rite of passage for international guests. That can’t be sanitary.

#11. Yelling out ‘TAXI!’ when someone drops a glass

Who would have known that this joke wasn’t universal,  but apparently it only commonly happens in Australia. What would dads do without this classic gag?

For some people, the joke never gets old.

Via Me.Me

#12. And this last tradition is one we’re not particularly fond of

Can we just go a few months without changing PM, pls?!

Australia is truly a unique place to live.