weird things kids do

14 Weird Things We Did As Kids For No Particular Reason

Kids are weird little units. For the first 10 years of your life, as you’re finding your feet in the world, there’s a bunch of stuff you probably did that on reflection…makes no sense.

Children just do the strangest things and have the weirdest habits. I remember as a young kid I used to always demand to come into my older sister’s friend’s houses when picking her up, so I could play with their dog. To be fair, I still do this but the point still stands.

Kids have zero boundaries and it’s actually hilarious looking back at what we used to consider normal behaviour.

14 Weird Things We Did As Kids For No Particular Reason:

1. Run away from home and hide at a local park or school.

Why? Just to be dramatic, I guess.

2. Hide from your parents inside clothing racks.

This is especially baffling considering every child’s biggest fear is losing their parents in a store or supermarket.

3. Run around a swimming pool with your friends.

All it took was for someone to shout out “whirlpool!!” and all of sudden everyone was running around in circles with no sign of stopping.

4. Or pretend to be a floating dead body.

The aim was for your parents to notice and then check that you weren’t umm…dead?! Great gag. Kids are SO dark.

5. Arrange all your besties feet together in a circle for photos.

Feet pics or it didn’t happen.

6. Draw Superman symbols on anything and everything.

When did we learn to even do this?!

7. Or draw the sun in the corner of the page.

No picture was even complete without a half circle drawn in the corner and a few squiggly lines to represent the sun’s rays. It was extremely realistic.

8. Crumble up paper in your hand over and over until it gets nice and soft.

Nothing can compare to that soft paper feeling. Pure joy.

9. Join texters together to make a big sword.

No explanation necessary.

10. Run up the stairs like a dog.

I haven’t felt the same level of freedom ever since.

11. Always sit on the floor.

Kids were way too accepting of being made to sit on the ground, while everyone else was allowed to sit in a chair.

12. Pick a raindrop on a window to see if it falls the fastest.

The pure adrenaline you got from your raindrop winning against your sister’s raindrop.

13. Spending you free time practising the recorder, then never playing it again for the rest of your adult life.

I truly thought I would have been asked about my recorder-playing ability at more job interviews.

14. Talking to an imaginary friend like it was no big deal.

I’ve watched enough horror movies to know that any imaginary friend was probably a ghost.

Kids are super weird, huh.