Please Enjoy This Super Weird Trailer For Lindsay Lohan’s Reality Show Set In Greece

A rather weird trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s new MTV reality series Lohan Beach Club has just dropped and yep… it’s just bizarre.

The new series set in Mykonos is set to premiere on MTV in 2019 and from this clip alone, I’ve decided LiLo is giving us a precious gift.

The trailer is absolutely baffling and really just looks like it’s shot on an iPhone.

Here it is in all its glory:

Let’s break this down:

“Pack your bags MTV, we’re going to Mykonos,” Lindsay informs us.

YES TEAM. LET’S GO. She walks around in a circle. We see the beach and not much else.
Then a good few seconds into the trailer she tells us she is Lindsay Lohan. This is important information. Next, she brushes her hair with her fingers and looks bored. Finally, there’s a grainy shot of her blowing a kiss.

It all ends with Lindsay sliding her sunglasses down her nose, because remember… she’s a cool gal.

I’m ready LiLo. I am ready.

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