weirdest australian tv storylines

Here Are 6 Of The Weirdest Storylines In Aussie TV History

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When it comes to insane storylines, crazy characters and unfortunate amnesia accidents, Australian TV is in a league of its own.

Who even needs Netflix when you have shows like Home and Away and McLeod’s Daughters serving straight up drama FOR FREE every week (or even every blessed day). And like Game of Thrones is way cool, but have you SEEN an episode of Neighbours? Night King? Nah mate, Toadie all the way.

A lot of these shows have been running literally forever so it’s no surprise that their storylines have gotten a bit weird and wonderful to keep things fresh, and others have just always been off the deep end.

Here are 6 of the weirdest storylines in our fave Aussie TV shows:

#1. Susan slips on milk and gets amnesia in Neighbours

Neighbours loves the amnesia trick, but this is hands down the most cooked way they played the ol’ brain blunder card. Certified Adult Susan slips on some spilt milk, and when she wakes up she thinks she’s her 16-year-old self again.

What ever happened to losing your memory the good old fashioned way, like crashing your car or being abducted by aliens?

#2. Tasha washes up on the beach speaking pig Latin on Home and Away

I’m not a good enough writer to come up with stuff like this if I tried. Tasha washes into Summer Bay speaking Pig Latin. That’s already wild but there’s more! Eventually it comes out that her adoptive parents were Y2K survivalists (???) who died defending their camp in the woods. Then she faints when she arrives on the beach and it’s quality acting for a quality show.

#3. Jodi fakes her own death by explosion in McLeod’s Daughters

Jodi falls for Rob, but Rob is being chased by hitmen and has to leave Drover’s Run. But then Rob comes back, except now he’s in the witness protection program and he’s going by Matt. He’s still being chased by hitmen though, but love is love I guess so he and Jodi decide to run away together.

The moment that their booby-trapped car explodes nearly broke the hearts of every McLeod’s Daughters fan, until we discovered that it was all a ruse to escape the hitmen. Dramaaaa.

#4. Dee Bliss dies, and an impostor takes her place in Neighbours

There’s no way I could stick to just one Neighbours storyline here, so here’s one about the time that Dee Bliss died when she and her newly-wed husband Toadie drove off a cliff.

Tragic stuff that shook the show to its core, but who cares about that because the next thing you know, a woman named Andrea comes to town pretending to be Dee. She’s got two kids who she says are Toadie’s, born after the accident obvs, and she seduces Toadfish Rebecchi while his wife secretly watches the whole thing over webcam.

There’s a minor memory loss plot here too, DNA testing and a secret medical experiment, just to tie the whole thing up with whatever the opposite of a neat little ribbon is.

#5. Bronson swallows a fish that turns his penis into a propellor in Round the Twist

I spent ages deciding which Round the Twist storyline to write about, and then I gave up, closed my eyes and pointed to a random spot on my page of notes and so here we are. In a show filled with some of the weirdest stories ever written anywhere in the entire world and all of history, this episode takes the cake. Or at least the mini cupcake.

Bronson swallows a magical fish that turns his penis into a propellor. Stay with me. Thanks to his penis propellor, he can swim really, really fast and he wins the school swimming contest, so hooray, I guess?

Here’s a gif that’s not from this episode, but it’s in the same ballpark so close enough.

#6. The Headless Horseman haunts some tweens in The Saddle Club

Stevie, Lisa and Carol hear a chilling story about a ghost called the Headless Horseman (this is The Saddle Club, you can probably guess why he was called that) who they start seeing haunting the barn. They get sufficiently spooked, until they realise it’s just Max pulling a prank on them. Funny!

In a bizarre twist and a weird flex for the show, the episode ends with the legit Headless Horseman appearing — what I’m saying is, cancel your plans tonight and rewatch this masterpiece of Australian TV that stars not one, but TWO Hemsworth brothers.

Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up. Oh wait, you can.