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We’ll Probz Be Waiting 2 Years For ‘Game Of Thrones’ S8 & Twitter Is Slowly Dying

As the final episode of Game of Thrones sashayed in and out of our lives yesterday, all fans can now do is look forward to season eight. But just to rub salt in our already open wounds, it turns out we’ll be waiting a BLOODY LONG TIME for it.

We now know that each season eight episode will be feature length, running up to 90 minutes, the length of a Hollywood movie. While that’s more GoT action for us to feast our eyes on, it also looks like we won’t be seeing the six final episodes until 2019.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, HBO plans to have a series hiatus up to 16 months or more following season seven, with extended production shoots scheduled to begin in October and last through August 2018.

To back that up, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, HBO’s programming chief, Casey Bloys didn’t deny the possibility of a 2019 air date. Speaking to the publication he said:

“Yeah. They have to write the episodes and figure out the production schedule. We’ll have a better sense of that once they get further into the writing.”

As torturous as it sounds, making fans wait another two years to catch up with Dany and Jon’s sexy times will only increase anticipation. It’s a smart move.

Either way, viewers are actually dying over the thought of such a lengthy wait.

Here’s what Twitter is saying about the likely chance we won’t see new GoT until 2019: