imho means debate humble honest

WTAF: We’ve All Been Using ‘IMHO’ Wrong & The Internet Is Fighting About It

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Get ready for your brain to start expanding. It turns out that while most of us sane/well-balanced/good people have assumed ‘imho’ translates to ‘in my honest opinion,’ in fact the original abbreviation was ‘in my humble opinion’.


Buzzfeed kickstarted the debate, with a poll that found that more people believe the acronym stands for ‘honest’. In our own office, we also voted on which side our team aligned with and ‘honest’ was the overwhelming favourite.

However, after spending far too long reading up on the history of ‘imho’, I’m ready to accept defeat. If you look up ‘imho’ in Oxford English Dictionary you will find it agrees the acronym translates to ‘humble’.

Here’s a good breakdown of how the meaning may have evolved from ‘humble’ to ‘honest’ over time.

We hate to say this but sit down, it’s ‘humble’.

On Twitter, there are clearly people who will say ‘honest’ til they die.

But sadly, most are arguing that it’s original meaning was always ‘humble’, and their arguments are v convincing.


Tbh, imho and fwiw I think we should just change it to something we can all universally agree with, like:

In My Hateful Opinion.