9 Subtle Passive Aggressive Responses To The Outdated Meme Your Mate Just Tagged You In

You know how sometimes someone tags you in a meme or sends some content your way that you have, in fact, ALREADY seen because you are ACROSS the internet CULTURE thank you very MUCH.

Why do we all get that little undeniable urge to indicate our superior awareness of outdated content? Why are we like this?

Honestly, I have no fucking idea but it’s REAL and we can’t be stopped. Instead of the psychological/anthropological investigation that might answer the question, we’re instead going to look at everyone’s favourite ways to say “yep I know”. Because this is decidedly more fun.

The social navigation required to say thanks but also passive-aggressively suggest your longstanding awareness of this not-so-fresh content is a road littered with dismissal and subtle elitism. There’s no shame in it, we’re all only human and sometimes it’s important contextually to let the people know that, well, you know.

So here they are, our favourite ways of indicating that “no, u r 2 late I have beat you to this content”. 

You’ve probz said/typed most of these in your time but I felt it necessary to collate them all in one easy to access location for my future self and others. Feel free to revisit this valuable resource when needed:

9 A+ Ways To Say “You’re Out Of Touch” Without Hurting Your Mates Feelings…Maybe


“Omg I know right this is so good”

“Yea this is a long time fave”

“Fuck yes this will never not be funny”

“Haha yea how funny is this”

“Ah yessssss I saw this”

Or maybe no text at all – just a dismissive gif reaction

A GIF is the perfect tool to assert your all-encompassing internet knowledge

Try something like this:

Or this:

Or even this if you’re feeling kind enough to feign some substantial enthusiasm

“lol I saw this the other day”

Explicit. Gets the point across. Why are you like this.

“Hahaha – So good I showed this to [insert name here] the other day, it’s the best”

Let them know that not only have you seen the content but you have shared it with others – and others did not include you.

“Omg I legit cracked it the first time I saw this”


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