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Will Smith Is Looking For Will Smiths Everywhere, So If You’re Will Smith Tell Will Smith

Will the real Will Smith pls stand up?

A pretty odd request is coming from actor and general charmer Will Smith – he’s looking for fellow Will Smiths across the globe. As Smith starts his international media tour promoting his latest film, Netflix’s Bright, he is inviting other Will Smiths to comment or message Netflix.

The actor posted on Netflix US:

“What I need is everybody out there named Will Smith, I need you to look down and respond to Netflix below. Cos I can’t do it all myself, I need y’all to help me out,” the actor said.

“All Will Smiths please stand up.”

What is this exercise for? From the sounds of it, Will Smith is looking for fellow Will Smiths to share the load of his press tour. But who the hell knows? At least it shines a spotlight on all the Will Smiths out there that have the great honour of being named Will Smith.

So far, the response is pretty grim. It’s slim pickings out there.



ICYMI name inspo Will Smith released a track last month called ‘Get Lit‘ – yep, that happened. So if you’re Will Smith, tell Will Smith and get jiggy to this banger ’til your boi hollas at you.

BTW in case you’re wondering – we managed to say ‘Will Smith’ 30 times.