winged eyeliner stamp flick mcobeauty

I Tried A Winged Eyeliner Stamp & Oh My God, It Actually Worked

For anyone that regularly applies makeup, you will know that getting winged eyeliner perfect is about as likely as Osher Günsberg having a bad hair day.

Between getting the length, width and angle just right, then having to recreate the exact same masterpiece on your other eye, it’s enough to send anyone insane.

As someone who is famously bad at applying makeup, I have long feared even attempting winged liner as all my previous tries have actually ruined my entire eye makeup and I’ve had to start from scratch.

I accepted a long time ago that I would never be able to complete a cat eye without having several mental breakdowns in the process.

But in the last couple of years, a winged eyeliner stamp came on to the scene and tbh, it sounded too good to be true. The idea for an eyeliner flick stamp first came from 23-year-old Perth-based entrepreneur, Iris Smit, who created The Quick Flick, which was the first of its kind and retails at around $35. Increasingly even more brands are doing their own wing stamps and they’ve become super affordable.

But could a stamp really work and would it blend seamlessly with the rest of my eyeliner? I decided to try it out for myself.

I Tried An Eyeliner Wing Stamp & These Were The Results:

This is the stamp I used for the road test:

  • MCoBeauty Winged Eyeliner Stamp & Liquid Liner Duo, $14
winged eyeliner stamp flick mcobeauty

First up, just to explain: the pen has two ends, one with the flick stamp, the other just a basic eyeliner pen.

I was a little scared of the stamp, so I decided to start off with the basic pen liner. I laid down a concealer then eyeshadow base and applied the liner. It was pretty similar to other liquid pens I own.

winged eyeliner stamp flick mcobeauty

Now was the moment of truth! I got rather nervous applying the stamp directly on my face so I practiced on my hand first.

It seemed to work! The colour wasn’t super consistent but it set a nice little template.

winged eyeliner stamp flick mcobeauty

Let’s stamp me face! You kind of just need to do it quite fast and hold it, because if you do it too slow the colour might catch on your skin. I stamped quickly and left on for about two seconds.

The stamp looked surprisingly great but there was a slight gap between the flick and the eyeliner on my eyelid.

winged eyeliner stamp flick mcobeauty

It was easy to fill though, and I went over the flick with the pen to tidy it up. After some reading, I realised I was supposed to apply the stamp first and then the liner (which makes sense lol) but ugh, I’M A REBEL.

Anyways, the final look was….bloody great!

winged eyeliner stamp flick mcobeauty

Final Verdict?

It’s a pretty dramatic flick, so probably not your typical day look but if you want to crank up the drama then the stamp is extremely handy to create a stress-free wing within seconds.

It was thrilled overall. I haven’t nailed a flick like this in, well, ever.

winged eyeliner stamp flick mcobeauty

My fear of winged eyeliner might finally be gone and I can’t wait to rock this bold new look.