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The 12 Absolute Shittiest Boyfriends From Your Fave Teen Movies

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While the movies have offered us up some absolute dream bois and internet boyfriends over the years, they’ve also given us some really shitty men.

You know the kinds of characters where you just beg for the female protagonist to dump his trash ass. Sometimes they’re just outright villains, while other times their shittyness is much more subtle.

Whether they hold back a woman’s career and aspirations, seek to manipulate and control her, or they’re just awful human beings, here are 12 of the shittiest boyfriends in your fave teen films.

1. Nate, The Devil Wears Prada

Starting with the best of the worst, he might be awfully pretty, but he is pretty awful. Nate never supported Andy and actually thought his birthday was more important than her career. Boy, bye.

2. Warner, Legally Blonde

We all know while we are supposed to think the biggest villain in Legally Blonde was Selma Blair’s character, it is, in fact, Elle’s ex, Warner. He constantly puts her down and is a general trash human.

3. Noah, The Kissing Booth

Noah is too angry and controlling to be the kind of boyfriend anyone should want. This dude shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as Peter Kavinsky. Sorry, I just did that but you get the point.

4. Justin, She’s The Man

We can all agree Viola deserved much more than this sexist douche. The fact that this meant her hooking up with Channing Tatum was just an added bonus.

5. Edward, Twilight

Make no mistake, Edward was a total creep. Watching someone while they’re sleeping is just not cute… also, it’s called stalking. Overall, he’s a bit much.

6. Victor, Letters To Juliet

While some of the previously mentioned men are pure evil, Victor is more of a relatable shitty boyfriend. The kind that prioritises his job over everything and everyone else. Sophie deserved better. In the bin.

7. Aaron, Bring It On

From the very beginning Aaron never believed in his girlfriend Torrence and he had to go. And thank god ‘cos it made room for hottie Cliff to come along and sweep her off her feet with his mixtape.

8. Josh, The Princess Diaries

How very dare this guy try to trick Mia into hooking up with him, all for publicity. The guy is far from a prince and goes straight in the trash pile.

9. Joey, 10 Things I Hate About You

No surprises to see Joey on this list. The guy is a bully, he thinks of women as prizes to win and is as vapid as they come.

10. John, John Tucker Must Die

He basically manipulated and cheated on every girl in high school. He’s a bad person. The title tells you the rest.

11. Mike, Can’t Hardly Wait

This guy is literally every popular guy in high school that wore a tight t-shirt. Amanda was right to kick him to the curb. Although when he called her ‘Amandauhhhh’ that was very funny.

12. Danny, Grease

The OG shittiest boyfriend. Between pressuring Sandra D to have sex and then almost cheating on her, he is actual trash. He definitely didn’t deserve sexy cigarette-smoking Sandy.

Gross. Throw them all in the dumpster and set it on fire.