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NOPE: 12 TV Couples That Made You Say “WTAF?”

There’s nothing better than living your life vicariously through a fictional couple who seem to have it all together.

It’s way less stressful than trying to date in the real world. Trust me on that one.

But speaking of STRESS, can we talk about those moments when the writers behind our favourite TV shows go a little power-crazy and start teaming up weird couples that actually have NO business being together, whatsoever?!

It’s honestly just plain rude.

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For the sake of feeling a bit angsty and worked up for no particular reason, we’ve rounded up the worst TV couples of this modern era:

1. Dan and Blair, Gossip Girl
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I’m no scientist, but there’s literally zero chemistry there.

2. Spencer and Caleb, Pretty Little Liars
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After dragging out the A/A.D. storyline for way too long, wasting more time throwing these two together was just so, so unnecessary.

3. Ryan and Taylor, The O.C.
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Ben McKenzie never quite managed to hide that look of confused pain from his face. And I make that succinct judgement as someone who suffers from resting bitch face.

4. Ted and Robin, How I Met Your Mother 
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They don’t even deserve a sentence explaining why they’re so bad.

5. Michelle and Sid, Skins
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I mean, the awkwardness of this picture explains everything you need to know.

6. Maggie and Jackson, Grey’s Anatomy

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Stop trying to make Jaggie happen. (Sorry I am a diehard Japril fan until the day I die.)

7. Fitz and Olivia, Scandal

Image result for fitz and olivia gif scandal

So. Much. Constant. Toxic. Bullshit.

8. Ross and everyone, Friends
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I asked Twitter (obviously where all good research starts) and the results were pretty much unanimous. Ross sucks in relationships and should be alone. Not that Rachel and Joey were any better tbh.

9. Josh and Rebecca, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Sure this is the whole premise of the show, but these two make me believe that the single life is the way to be.

10. Archie and Ms. Grundy, Riverdale 

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We had barely just recovered from Ezra and Aria on PLL, then these two came along – can we just not with the whole student-teacher thing?

11. Mon-El and Kara, Supergirl 

Image result for mon-el kara supergirl

TFW you want a feminist show to stan and the protagonist of the show is in a relationship with an absolute wanker.

12. Scott and Malia, Teen Wolf 

Related image
Ahhh the ye old classic “let’s chuck two people together because they don’t have anyone else,” development.

Anyway, that’s it from me. For now. Comment on Facey, email me, @ me on Twitter, send a letter by carrier pigeon if you agree or disagree in any way.

**Goes back into judgey cave to stew over other bad couples. Alone. **

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