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WTAF: The Internet’s Decided Pennywise & The Babadook Are Horror’s Hottest Couple

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Ever since clown horror It came out, it’s absolutely blitzed the box office and reignited our fear of clowns residing in neighbourhood drains.

We also discovered that we all found the film’s demon clown – played by beautiful Bill Skarsgard – oddly hot. As It fever continues to affect us all, it seems the internet has decided that ummm, Pennywise is dating the Babadook, and they’re definitely fucking. Sure, why not?

So why is this even a thing? If you cast your minds back to a few months ago, after the horror The Babadook was miscategorised on Netflix to come under the LGBT film section, the internet hilariously decided that the Babadook was their new queer icon.

The inevitable next step of course was for Baba to find himself a boyfriend, and luckily a handsome clown (that likes to kill children) has come along to steal his heart. Twitter has shipped the two horror villains hard, and the results are fucking gold.

Most of the internet is loving horror’s new power couple:

However, not everyone is thrilled with the unlikely match.

More horror icons are now getting shipped into LGBT relationships, as Twitter shares the love.