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WTAF: Someone Hacked Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat And Threatened To Leak Nudes

Kylie Jenner is the latest in a long line of (female) celebs who’ve had their private photos hacked by some douche-canoe threatening to leak their nudes on the internet. Another day, another vile human disrespecting a woman’s right to privacy. Eugh.

In this case, it’s 19-year-old Jenner – who is one of the most followed people across social media. Errybody loves keeping up with the Kardashian star and her Snapchat stories has an absolutely epic following, which is why it hit the news cycle full throttle when it looked like her account had been hacked.

A screenshot of another Snapchat account was posted to Kylie’s Snapchat – featuring a cartoon Bitmoji with devil horns (how fitting) and the caption:

“add for Kylie Jenner’s nudes!”

Via Screenshot

Seriously fuck this right off. Enough is enough. This treatment of female celebrities like their bodies are fair game is repulsive. Threatening to release someone’s private photos to the world is a disgusting attack that will never ever have justification. So shut it down.

The caption also directed people to a Twitter handle, which was of course pumping out a bunch of absolutely garbage tweets of the same vein:


Via Screenshot

Until they changed their tune and admitted that apparently they never had any nudes to begin with. Just simply being an asshole for laffs and attention that’s all. Because violating people’s privacy and making them suffer is just hilarious, hey.

Next stop: the hacker started posting their mates’ social media accounts to Kylie’s Snapchat. WYD dude you’re the worst.

Via Screenshot

The Twitter account has now been suspended (cya never) and the posts have been deleted from Kylie’s Snapchat account. You can’t make a practical joke out of leaking someone’s nudes because it’s never going to be funny. End of story.

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