Apollo Jackson Melbourne Cup

Ya Mate Apollo Jackson Used His Magic Skills To Pick Yesterday’s Melb Cup Winner

Magic-man and mystical beef-cake Bachelor, Apollo Jackson pulled off a Houdini-esk stunt yesterday, picking the winner of the Melbourne Cup.

While there were plenty of other punters out there who got lucky on ‘the race that stops the Nation‘, Apollo did so by announcing to a room of more than 1K people at the Melbourne Convention Centre that he could successfully predict the winner ahead of time – and put his reputation on the line.

He purchased a betting ticket the day before the race and had it signed by the GM and heads of the exhibition before it was locked away in a jar and left on stage in full view.

Following the race, he asked Karen Phillips to name something she’d associate with a date, and when they opened up the sealed jar, the word she had imagined was written on the back of a betting ticket for Rekindling.

If only he had of let us know which horse he was tipping before the race was run.

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