YAAS: New Music From Niall Horan Is Coming AKA Fans Are Losing Their Minds

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While ultimate 1D bae Harry Styles is dominating the headlines at the moment, his BFF Niall Horan might be about to steal some of the spotlight.

Today Horan announced that his second solo single ‘Slow Hands’ will be out on May 4th.

Yeah, you read that right. May 4th… in TWO DAYS. He dropped the news via his socials and fans are pretty much imploding rn.

In an email sent to fans, Horan describes the process of writing ‘Slow Hands’ as a song that “kind of happened randomly”. Horan says he played around with “heavy bass,” and “funky guitar sounds,” while working on the song.

It will be hard to compete with Styles’ absolute epic debut ‘Sign of the Times’, but fans are v. excited by the news.

You can check out some of their over-the-top reactions below: