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I Can’t Stop Thinking About How Forty From ‘You’ Deserved Better

The second season of You on Netflix might just be better than the original and that’s largely because of one new character: Forty Quinn.

It goes without saying, that there are many, many season two spoilers ahead so if you’re not across the recent episodes it’s best to avoid reading further.

I’ll admit that initially I found Forty annoying. Sure, he can be obnoxious and entitled, but he’s also like a tiny, confused puppy — he just wants to be taken care of and loved. He also was the only character to discover Joe Goldberg’s past by decoding Guinevere Beck’s posthumous memoir.

The guy is a gift to us all.

The season ended with Forty being shot and killed by a police officer, just as he was about to kill Joe in an effort to protect his sister Love from the same fate as Beck. It was a tragic loss that I cannot and will not get over.

Here’s why Forty on You deserved better:

He is extremely easy on the eyes

He’s a messy bitch who lives for drama and I respect that

He can always be depended on to lighten the mood

Like, sometimes he is straight-up hilarious

He knows what is important in life

He will call out people on their BS

He knew how to talk Joe down when he’s losing control

Even if he doesn’t always know what he’s doing himself

But he knows when to stop trying

He deep down just wants to be loved

Like, for real…

He is much more intelligent than people give him credit for

He was the only person to decode Beck’s book and figure out the true story

He truly committed to taking Joe down

Before he died protecting his sister and IT’S NOT FAIR

In closing, Forty was the best and deserved so much better