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The New Ep Of ‘Younger’ Is Incredibly Good & Twitter Is Losing Its Goddamn Mind

Today is a very special day if you’re a Younger stan. After a fairly slow and uneventful season five, today’s new episode is actually a good one. Like real bloody good.


If you’re ‘Team Josh’, it might be time to look away. ‘Cos after five seasons, Liza and Charles have finally gotten together. HELL YAAS BBY.

It was a slow start. After the first episode of the season, Charles found out about Liza’s secret and this threw a real spanner into the works. But they’re back and better than ever. Huzzah!

It all went down as Charles was invited to a Christmas party and caught Liza and his daughter performing a number from The Sound of Music. Charles learns that his friends had planned to set him up on a date with Liza all along. Cute!

Then in the final scene, Charles cancels his trip to the airport. It’s snowing because of course it is. Liza arrives home to find Charles knocking at her door. He tells her he doesn’t care about her lie anymore and they FUCKING KISS FACES.

Let’s relive it together:

I will rewatch this scene forever. HOOK IT TO MY VEINS.

Viewers can’t contain how happy they are:

People are v v v excited.


It was about time, honestly.

The series is finally coming through with the goods. Thank you, Younger.

Bring on next week’s ep!